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8 Lane Die-Cast Race Track

Looking for something different for your next event, checkout our 8 Lane Die Cast Race Track with computer scoring and 46 inch LED display. We can setup inside or outside a tent is required for outside. Our 8 Lane Die Cast Race Track is a great addition to your next pine wood derby to have something else for the scouts to do while they are waiting to race.

Our 8 Lane Die Cast Race Track is lots of fun. We can race 8 1/64 scale Die cast cars or trucks at a time. The racers can bring their own Hot Wheels, Matchbox 1/64 scale die cast cars or trucks to race or we can provide them with our cars to race. Our 8 Lane Die Cast Race Track is a scale ľ mile that has a start gate that lets up to 8 die cast vehicles race at a time, Pressing the start launches the race cars and starts the computer timer for each lane of the track, when each racer crosses the finish line the computer will display the elapsed time out to .00000 and calculate the scale miles per hour of each racer on the 46 inch Led display. The computer will assign each racer to the proper heat and will keep track of scoring and eliminations until we have a winner.

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Price: $500

Radar Speed Pitch

Test your major league pitching skills with Radar Speed Pitch! Player get the chance to throw at the target and see what speed they are throwing at just like the major league pitchers do. Great fun for all ages.

Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft x 9ft

Price: $200

Radar Speed Pitch

Baseball Toss

Hit the strike zone and win! Future major league pitchers can test their pitching skills and compete with friend to see who has the accuracy and skill to be a real major leaguer.

Price: $125

Baseball Toss

Football Challenge

Test your throwing skills and challenge your friends. Football Challenge has two stations for two players. Click the image to see the front and side view. Player compete for accuracy to score.

Dimensions: 18ft x 8ft x 11ft

Price: $200


Football Challenge

Horse Shoes

New angle on a the classic game of horse shoes. No need to pound stakes or dig sand pits. This self-contained horse shoe game can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Price: $60

Horse Shoe Game

Hockey Game

He shoots! He Scores! If you have young hockey fans at your get-together, they are going to have a blast taking their best shot on goal with our Hockey game. Players have a small target to hit just like with a real goalie, a small gap is presented between the goalie's stick and skate. Hit the target with your puck to make the buzzer ring and light go off. This is a favorite for all ages.

Price: $100 

Hockey Game

Dual Basketball Toss

Two players. Two basketball hoops. All that's needed now is someone to say go! Who can sink the most baskets is the name of the game. This one is popular with all ages. Wade Entertainment has multiple units so if you don't want a long line set them up side by side.

Price: $150

Dual Basketball Toss

BirdieBall Nine Hole Par 3

Glad you asked! BirdieBall is a limited flight golf ball that looks just like a napkin ring. BirdieBall flies, feels, and reacts just like a golf ball, but it only goes 40 yards! BirdieBall is revolutionary! Itís the most innovative product to hit the golf market in 100 years! Click here to see an image of the Birdie Ball. Golf enthusiasts will love this tight quarters golf system. Par 3 has a BirdieBall tee mat and BirdieBall golf targets set at short distances.

Price: $750

BirdieBall In The Zone

Using the BirdieBall System, golfers try for accuracy. Birdie ball is reduced flight golf ball. Click here to see an image of the Birdie Ball.


Price: $175


Birdie Ball Chip Shot

Birdie ball is reduced flight golf ball. Click here to see an image of the Birdie Ball. In BirdieBall Chip Shot golfers try for target holes in the inflatable target area.

Price: $200



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