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Carnival Games are a Wade Entertainment specialty. Here you'll find the best in selection and quality in our hand-crafted carnival games. You can turn any area of your event into "Carnival Midway", just like at the State Fair. Browse the game selection below for just the right games for your event.

VIDEO: Wade Entertainment's Carnival Games in Action                              


Pitcher Pumper Races

The four players pump the pitcher pump as fast as they can so the water moves the duck or boat along the water race until it crosses the finish. Each station is self-contained with a 30 gallon reservoir that the re-circulates the water. Click on the image for a larger view!

Price: $295

VIDEO: Pitcher Pump Duck Races



Pit Stop Challenge

The two players race each other to see who can pick car parts, like spark plugs lug nuts fan belts, the fastest without touching the sides and setting off the horn and warning light on their side.

Price: $250

See More Awesome Carnival Games

Spill The Milk

Knock the milk bottles off the pedestal with a bean bag to win.

Price: $60


Cajun Crab Boil

Launch the crab with a mallet to send the crab flying into the pot to win.

Price: $200

Frog Hollow

Try your luck at the Frog Pond. Toss the ring around the frogs to be a winner.

Price: $60


Feed Me

Toss the bean bag in the animals mouth to make the hat pop up. The kids love this one.

Price: $100

Milk Can

Toss the balls into the Milk Can to be a winner.

Price: $75

Fish Pond

Watch the kids squeal with delight when they hook a wiggly fish. All the kids love this game.

Price: $125

Duck Pond

Little ones will love picking up ducks and matching numbers on the bottom of the duck to win a prize.

Price: $75

Fish Pond Dual

Our deluxe Fish Pond offers you twice as much fun with two ponds to fish in.

Price: $200


Frog Launcher

Use the launcher to toss the frogs into the bucket.

Price: $75


Kiddie Striker

Test how strong you are with the striker. Swing the mallet and ring the bell.

Price: $125

Friendly Scare Crow

Toss the bean bag into the Scarecrows basket to win. Great for the little ones.

Price: $60

Hockey Game

Hockey Game

Hit the target with your puck to make the buzzer ring and light go off. This is a favorite for all ages.

Price: $100


Sun Flower

Toss the bean bag into the sunflower. See how many you can get in.

Price: $60

Spin The Wheel

Spin the colorful wheel to see what you have won.

Price: $100

Stand it up

Carefully pull up the bottle to a standing position to win. An old time favorite at any party.

Price: $60

Rubber Band Gun Gallery

Try your luck at the Rubber Band Gun Range. Hit the target to be a winner.

Price: $100

Tin Can Alley

The stacked cans come tumbling down when you hit them with a bean bag. One of our old time favorites.

Price: $60

Treasure Chest Hunt

Have fun digging in the sand to find the golden nugget.

Price: $100

Penguin Toss

Catch these cute penguins by tossing a ring around them. Sure to put a smile on your face.

Price: $60


Try your Doctor skills with our Operation game. Remove items without ringing the buzzer. Very challenging.

Price: $150

Pumpkin Patch Pitch

Just in time for Halloween is our Pumpkin Patch. Toss the ring around the pumpkins to win.

Price: $60


Flip A Chick

Launch the chick with a mallet to send the chick flying into the pot to win.

Price: $200

Horse Shoe Game

Horse Shoes

New angle on a the classic game of horse shoes. No need to pound stakes or dig sand pits. This self-contained horse shoe game can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Price: $60 

Cork Gun Range

Take aim and try to knock down the targets on our cork gun range.

Price: $150


Alien Encounters

Fly a miniature saucer into the Mother ship to win.

Price: $60

Deluxe Fish Pond

You�re a winner every time at the Duck Pond.

Price: $125


Glass Pitch

An old time favorite carnival game. Try to land a coin on the piece of glass to win.

Price: $200


Gold Fish

Toss the Ping Pong balls into the bowl to win. We can provide live gold fishes to winners.

Price: $200


Ring Toss

Toss the ring around the party item. Great for themed parties.

Price: $200

Tattoo Booth

Price: $200

Balloon Burst

Pump the fastest to make your balloon burst on the clowns face.

Price: $150












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